Saturday, March 17, 2007

Honey...#1 Colored on the Walls Again

1 of 2 Baby Basic T-shirt

I am pretty excited about these t's I just found on Etsy. (Created by Babyslanguage).

My husband and I affectionately call my kiddos (ages 2 & 3) #1 & #2 if something bad happens. (in case they are eavesdropping).

"Honey...number one had an accident again in the bathtub".
"You'll never believe what number two did with the cooking spray"....

We also used to call the dogs "dumb and dumber". ("Honey...dumber ate your shoe last night).

I digress.

Aren't these super-dooper cute? You know those "big sister / brother shirts" everyone gives to the sibling of a new baby...these are much more fun and unique.

You can get them here....

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